Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Centre State enterprise /SE BGCPO/ branch Pazardzhik was established in 1995, and is one of the first specialized centers for vocational training of adults, where competently are combined elements of the German dual system together with the Bulgarian state educational requirements.
Since it was opened till now more than 16500 people are trained, 9100 of them – employees of companies and individuals that raised their professional skills, and 7400 unemployed who received a new chance for realization.
Specialized in the fields of economics, technology, information and communication technologies and foreign languages, SE BGCPO branch Pazardzhik applies interactive methods of training and uses modern technologies, audio and video materials and communicative games.
The infrastructure which includes training facilities, hostel and canteen, is well equipped. In each classroom there are conditions for individual training with personal computer for every student. “Foreign languages” department works with original educational systems and books from the Oxford University Press, Hueber, Richmond and other publishing houses.
The training here is designed for both individuals and corporative clients. We offer personal solutions and curriculums conformed to the needs of every company. We combine flexible training program and price solution for training of employees with limited free time.
If you want to acquire new qualification or to improve your professional skills you are welcome to us!

Petya Zabunyan, Director

19.03. 2015